North Shore Off-Road Centre

The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC is very proud to announce that North Shore Off Road (NSOR) has implemented a 4WDABC membership rewards program that includes 5 – 20 percent discounts on most items in their stores. All you need to do is show them that you are a current member of the 4WDABC, which you can do via your smartphones by logging into your membership portal at and selecting ‘account details’ or ‘member card’.

On top of this, NSOR has also offered a rewards program where every year they add up the total of all of our members purchases and donate 5 percent of that amount to our Association! This is an incredible program that we are so grateful for NSOR for supporting us this strongly.

It is wonderful to have this kind of win, win, win arrangement where NSOR gets more 4×4 customers, our members get discounts AND they get to know that the business they are dealing with then supports the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC in its mandate of fighting for public access to public lands.

Thank you North Shore Off Road!

Our greatest strength is our members. Besides being the boots-on-the-ground, their numbers are important to showing governments and land stakeholders the positive impact off-roaders have in the community.

The Corporate Sustaining Member (CSM) program, rather than being a traditional advertising or sponsorship model, allows businesses to show their support for our work toward Public Access to Public Land, the same as Individual and Club members.