The number of services and retailers offering member-exclusive discounts, specials, events, and giveaways is growing – now includes Lordco (account #3967)! Here’s how to pull up your virtual membership card on your mobile device to show your membership status and take advantage of these perks.

To access your virtual card on your phone, login to your account at and follow the three steps shown in the photos.

Some member discounts online may request a copy of your member card: you can either download the PDF (exact process will vary with your browser) and send it to them, or take a screenshot on your phone and send that.

Remember that this is a feature for PAID MEMBERS, and you must have activated your online account. If you’re a current or past paid member and you HAVE NOT received the email to set your password, please email

PLEASE NOTE: Lordco policy is to request you show your member card and ID to receive the discount. It appears most times they don’t bother asking for ID… but be prepared to show it if they do, and don’t give them any grief as they’re just doing as instructed. If you have any problem receiving the Lordco discount, please email us so we can escalate it. Lordco has been a major supporter for many years; they’re very proud of their discount program, and they’re quick to address any issues that arise.