Our new website went live on Sept 29, and it’s been a busy month of testing, debugging, and cleaning up the content transferred from the old site.

Major shout-out to our web developer, Sean from Chromaside Graphics, who has put in countless hours, evenings and weekends, making this fully customized site work for our needs! We now have a properly-integrated website, store, and membership management system that allows us to fully control access to member-exclusive content and merchandise, as well as eliminate the need for you to have separate store and membership logins.

We’ve managed to import all the member accounts from the old system, but passwords could not be transferred, which means everyone will need to use the “Forgot Password” link the first time they log into the new system. If you’re not receiving the password reset link, please email membership@4wdabc.ca, and we’ll reset it manually for you. In some rare cases, you may find the reset link doesn’t work or your account is marked “inactive”; let us know, and we’ll get you squared away.

One of the challenges we’ve run into is that some mailing addresses didn’t transfer over either, so we really need everyone to log in and check their account to make sure their contact info is all there and correct. This is especially important as our 2023 calendar is nearly ready to send out to all active paid members, but we can only send it to people for whom we have addresses! (This is also an important reminder to check your status and renew if necessary!)

Your membership card is revamped now as well – it’s no longer a PDF and will display differently in a desktop browser vs. mobile, but all the necessary information is there (including the Lordco account number!). You can still print it out or screenshot it for easy access, or just create a bookmark to link directly to it (you need to be logged into your account to see it, of course).

Membership Packages

We know a lot of you are frustrated with the slow delivery of membership packages. Pete has been spending long hours going back through your emails to the beginning of last December to make sure that everyone who’s missing a package, gets one. This has delayed some of the more recent mailings, but he IS now getting caught up on current accounts.

The move to the new membership system has further delayed things as we get the exports tuned to our needs, but once that’s sorted, things can get back on a regular schedule. Soon we’ll have the backlog cleared up and be back on a monthly mailing schedule… we just need your patience while we get through it.

And once again, please please please log into your account and ensure your mailing address is up-to-date, so your membership package gets to where it belongs, and if you have any questions or problems with your account, don’t hesitate to email membership@4wdabc.ca to let us know.


A lot of people may be trying to log in at the same time over the next couple of days, which will affect site performance.  If you find the site unresponsive, or if you get an error message, please try again a bit later.


There’s a known problem with Microsoft email services (@hotmail.com, @live.ca, @outlook.com addresses) rejecting automated or bulk emails. If you have one of these addresses and you’re not receiving the password reset email, we may need to process it manually – again, please email membership@4wdabc.ca, and we’ll look into it.


A few people have been getting renewal notices despite having recently renewed: it appears they were the ones who renewed on the old system at the end of September, probably in the short window between the final export of data from the old system, and the new system coming online, which means the imported data still shows their previous expiry date. If this is you, please let us know at membership@4wdabc.ca and we’ll get it fixed. If possible, include a screenshot of your payment receipt (not that we don’t believe you, it just makes it a lot quicker and easier if we don’t have to go digging for it).