Our previous wall calendars were a huge hit, so it’s that time again—we’re looking for photo submissions for a 2025 calendar from our members. The deadline to submit the photos is midnight Labour Day, Sept. 2, 2024 to allow time for selecting photos and printing the calendars. We look forward to your submissions!

Rather than automatically mailing calendars to members, this year we’re opting to make them available in the store.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR PICTURES! We’ve received several excellent photos so far that we may be unable to use because they don’t adhere to the guidelines.

Photo guidelines:

  • Photo must be your own; proof may be requested before publishing
  • Recommended minimum 8MP camera (i.e. iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer, or most compact digital cameras made in the last 10 years)
  • Photo must be landscape orientation (wider than it is tall)
  • Photos should be straight-from-the-camera originals, without editing, adjustments, or filters. Screenshots and downloads from social media have sharply reduced quality.
  • Photo must not endorse a specific brand, commercial entity, political party or controversial social cause
  • Photo must be taken at a public location; if on private property, written permission of the owner is required
  • Photos must be tasteful (no nudity or gore)
  • Photographer must be willing to sign a release for the image

Judging criteria:

  • Selected photos will be chosen based on how well they represent the 4WDABC, its members, and the province of British Columbia
  • Photos will be selected to show variety for seasons, locations, and subject matters in the calendar
  • Photos may be rejected if they show irresponsible behaviour or situations that do not conform to the principles of the 4WDABC, Tread Lightly or Wheeling Wisely
  • Photos should abide by the guidelines and may be rejected if poorly edited, at too low of a resolution, not in focus, improper subject matter, etc.
  • Photos will not be judged based on the type of vehicle, the identity of the photographer, or number of cowbells
  • No photographer will have more than one photo in the calendar


  • Consider basic photographic guidelines such as the rule of threes, subject matter, focal point, foreground, background, lighting, appropriate use of filters, etc. (you may want to visit or join the BC 4WD Photography Facebook group)
  • Human (&pet) interest photos are appreciated.
  • We love to see your rigs, but they should not dominate the photo.
  • Photos should be a minimum of 4MB, 300 PPI, 3200×2400 pixels, as they may be cropped or edited.
  • Save in PNG or HEIC for best quality.


  • Submissions will not be accepted via email this year; please use the form below.
  • You should include the location and time of year the photo was taken, as we may use these criteria to get a broad spectrum of pictures in the calendar
  • Even if your photo is not selected for the calendar, the 4WDABC may want to use your photo on social media or other materials, with proper attribution.
  • Include your full name, email and phone number for contact purposes
  • Your name and the location will be included in the calendar if your photo is chosen. If you do not wish to include your name, please use the Additional Comments field to let us know, and if you do not wish to reveal a detailed location; please provide a general area where the photo is taken (for example, Central Kootenays, Similkameen, Sunshine Coast, etc.)

If you have any questions or comments, please email the calendar committee at calendar@4wdabc.ca.


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2025 Calendar Photo Submission
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