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There are many different ways you can get involved with us at the 4WDABC.

On this page you will find our typical volunteer positions, our volunteer code of conduct, and our volunteer sign-up form! If you want to work with us, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to follow up.

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Volunteer Positions

Run Leaders

  • West Harrison Maintenance Run
  • Kenyon Lake Maintenance Run

Trail/Road/Site Clearing and repair

  • Clear old trails for use
  • Beware of safety of other recreational users and do not create hazards that could injure quad riders or motorcyclists
  • Look for opportunities to create trail loops where you can enter in one trail system and exit another to create variety for day trips or weekend trips
  • Access areas that have been lost to overgrowth


  • Selling the value of the Association and what we do to
  • Individuals
  • 4×4 clubs
  • 4×4 group

Promoting the value of supporting the Association to

  • 4×4 aftermarket suppliers
  • 4×4 manufactures and dealers
  • Corporate entities interested in supporting organizations that do good public works promoting recreation, health and the environment
  • Other funds and foundations that can support us through grants.


  • Pub Nights
  • Raffles
  • 50/50 draws

Event Coordination

  • Trail cleanups on FSR’s under urban pressure
  • 4×4 Show and Shines
  • Promotion of event to wheelers, wheeling clubs and other wheeling groups
  • Soliciting prizes for raffle
  • Organization at the show, organized parking in groups
  • Coordination of corporate support
  • Communication and logistics
Code of Conduct
  • RESPECT: Treat everyone with respect, from other wheelers and other recreational users, to government officials and environmentalists.
  • POSITIVE: Remain positive in all interactions.
  • POLITE: We leave lasting impressions beginning with the first impression.
  • RESPONSIBLE: Live the Four Wheeler’s Code of Ethics
  • DEPENDABLE: Follow through on our word.
  • Don’t pick fights, either in person or online. We can present our view, argue our beliefs, express our opinions without attacking an individual. We lose respect as soon as we react in kind to an online attack, and not just of this one attacker but of the many others who read and do not write.

One of the goals of the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC is to represent ALL WHEELERS, not just some. We are to promote mud bogging by advocating by designated areas to do so in areas where it is already a popular activity. We are to promote rock crawling by advocating designated rock crawling areas where the activity is already popular. We are to promote access to trails and trail systems for our day trippers and our adventure wheelers or overlanders.

No one gets left behind is a good motto.

We are not an exclusive entity, rather, we are fully inclusive of the entire wheeling community and we need to be responsive to all of these needs.



Thank you for considering volunteering with the 4WDABC! Please provide as much detail as possible about your skills and areas of interest.


Personal Details

Preferred Contact Method
Use this if you'd prefer to be contacted via FB Messenger
Are you a paid member of the 4 Wheel Drive Association of BC?
If you'd like to join, please visit 4wdabc.ca/how-to-join. To renew your membership, please login to your account at 4wdabc.ca
Is this your first time volunteering with the 4WDABC?

Volunteer Details

Do you currently hold a non restricted B.C. Drivers License?
What Class License do you hold:
Please select all that apply.
In what regions are you able to volunteer (select all that apply)?
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It’s all about the numbers: the government bodies and stakeholders we work with need to know how much good we as an organization, through our many volunteers, are doing across BC. When it comes time to renew contracts or to demonstrate our impact in the backcountry, this information can be crucial. Please take the time to track your contributions as a 4WDABC volunteer so we can tabulate the numbers.

Your personal contact information will be protected by the 4WDABC in accordance with privacy laws. Non-identifying information such as total hours and photos may be used by the Association to develop future projects and direction.

Volunteer Reporting Form

About Me

City/town/region only.

Event Information

Example: West Stave Cleanup, Lost Creek Newbie Run, Show & Shine, etc.
Date this event took place. For multi-day events, please use separate submission for each day.
Example: Hale Creek, Cornwall Lookout, etc.
If you are the event creator or leader, please list your liaison with the BOD or Regional Officer.

Work Details

Travel between the event and home.
Please be as detailed as possible. Break down the time spent on each task, if you can.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Before and after photos for maintenance, repairs, or cleanups are especially helpful. Image and video formats only, please.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, or anything else relevant. Most common formats supported.
Any other information you'd like to include about the event, participants, work performed, additional work needed, etc.

Related Expenses

Some expenses may be reimbursed; however, the primary reason for this section is to track the money put into maintaining a site to indicate where outside funds may be required. Anonymized data on expenses may be shared with partner agencies such as BC Parks, Rec Sites and Trails, and other appropriate departments to help secure further funding.
Materials, fuel, tolls, tippage, hired labour, etc.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Upload photos or scans of receipts related to the Expenses Incurred field.
The trailhead is typically considered to be when you first hit gravel for the day - the hatchery for West Harrison, Sasquatch Park turnoff for East Harrison, etc.) Use Google Maps or equivalent to get your route if you're not keeping track, or if your speedometer isn't calibrated for oversized tires and regearing.
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Do you have an idea for a project that could benefit wheelers in BC, that the 4WDABC can help with? 

Maybe our Board of Directors and Officers can offer experience, knowledge, or contacts? 

Maybe the Association can provide logistical or financial support?

Maybe we can help promote your idea and rally volunteers (we are ALL volunteers here, after all)?

Let us know what you’re doing and how you think we can help! 

Email info@4wdabc.ca (or use the form below) to discuss!