How often have you seen posts like these?

Someone lost their keys at a campground; AirTags, Tiles, and the like are great, but expensive.

Someone found a dog on the trail; taking him to the vet to be checked for a chip or tattoo is the best idea, but all too often, none is found.

How do we reunite these lost souls?

Introducing our new Traceable ID Tags! Beautiful, durable stainless steel coated in epoxy, 4WDABC logo on the front, QR code on the back with a sequential number.

After purchase, scan your tag’s QR code (or just scroll to the form below) and enter the tag number along with your contact info – it’s that easy.

If someone finds your dog, keys, or other item with your registered tag attached, the QR code will take them to the website to enter the number on the tag and report it as found. We will then notify you that your item has been recovered and put you in touch with the finder (with both parties’ permission, of course).

In addition to dressing up your belongings with our super-cool logo, this method adds a layer of personal security by not putting your pet’s name, your name, or phone number out there publicly; your contact information will only be used by us to tell you that someone has found your tag, and we will never share your information with others.



Register an ID Tag

Active 4WDABC members can register their purchased tags here. Multiple tags can be submitted one at a time. Your contact info will only be used by us to let you know if someone has found your tag; we will never share this information with others.

You do not have permission to view this form.

If you don’t see the form, make sure you’re logged in and your membership is current.

Found an ID Tag

If you’ve found one of these tags, enter its number and your contact info here; we will use this to get in touch with the registered tag owner and let them know someone has found it. Your contact info will only be used by us for this purpose; we will never share it with others.

ID Tag Found
Preferred Contact
Please enter the full four-digit number on the tag.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB