A $50 club membership, gets your club information and logo listed on our website and in our backroader magazine.

This makes your club a member of the 4WDABC, not each individual member of your club members. In order for them to be members of the 4WDABC, they would have to pay the individual membership costs $30.00 for new and renewal of $25.00

But most importantly, your $50.00 annual club membership cost helps to provide us the means to make the things we do happen, including:

Building of the Hale, Nahatlatch and Mount Lavina Shelters
Keep public access to public lands
Maintain 10 Rec Sites in BC so that avid back road enthusiasts can use them free of charge
Hold 2 Clean ups a year at Stave Lake, taking out over 200 tons of garbage the last 5 years
Hold 18+ maintenance runs a year
Make progress in the Stave Lake Motor Park & Thunder Mountain Raceway in Kelowna
Host Runs to take out Burn Victims and Big Brothers & Sisters for the day
Eagle Ridge Key Access Program
Plus much more