Corporate Sustaining Membership (CSM)

The companies that support our efforts are especially appreciated. Rather than being a traditional advertising or sponsorship model, this membership leaves the CSM in control, allowing access to our vast social media presence as well as participation in exclusive events. Click here to read more about what we do!

Whether your business wants to donate funds or be actively involved in cleanups or events, this program is intended to recognize companies that publicly support our cause. While the type of business isn’t as important as the motivation, CSM applications are vetted based on alignment with 4WDABC goals and principles.

For only $250/year, your benefits include:

  • 6″ or 8″ CSM decal
  • Public listing on our website, along with available discounts if you choose to offer them
  • Invitation to have a booth or presence at events such as the annual Show & Shine
  • Ability to make one weekly post in the Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group to promote your business
  • Ability to make one monthly post in the main Facebook group to promote your business
  • Increased visibility among members as a provider for common purchases
  • Ability to comment on questions on all socials to promote your goods that directly relate to the post
  • Public recognition on our main social channels for support and participation of any events you choose to support
  • Copies of our annual calendar for every store location (where stock is available)
  • Your logo and link to your website in a 1/8 page ad in the Backroader Magazine.
  • If you donate $500 or more in a year, a 1/4 page ad in the Backroader Magazine (you provide your own ad copy)
  • If you donate $1000 or more in a year, a 1/2 page ad in the Backroader Magazine (you provide your own ad copy) and your membership fee will be waived next year

Engagement and Donations

Different CSMs have different needs and abilities; here are some of the ways our partners participate:

Donating raffle prizes for the annual Show & Shine and other fundraisers

Aside from offering discounts on purchases, this generates the most excitement in person and online – especially for the Show & Shine! The retail value of goods donated will count towards the following year’s renewal, and our team will endeavour to highlight these prizes on our social media as much as possible. The association benefits from the excitement about the prizes, and the CSM gets a big signal boost online from the official 4WDABC account.

Donating funds

Some companies may choose to donate partial proceeds or collected donations to the association, which goes directly towards our maintenance and advocacy efforts.  For those who simply want to support financially without much other engagement, this is another way to stay involved, get promoted, and it will count toward your donation totals for Backroader space and next year’s renewal.

Donating food or materials

Let’s do lunch! Helping encourage volunteer turnout by donating hot dogs, burgers, pop, a bbq and staff to flip burgers; whatever works for you works for us.  “Thank you” posts for these types of engagements tend to get a lot of positivity from the membership. With all the maintenance projects across the province, some CSMs donate materials at their cost or no cost, which helps us stretch every penny and get more done. Value for either (before tax) counts toward your donation totals for Backroader space and next year’s renewal.

Discounts on purchases

Drive customers to your door!  Knowing they can save money will put you at the top of the shopping list for purchases big or small. Our virtual membership card system will ensure that only active members are able to access this perk, and it’s up to you what to offer.

We are always working on ways to improve our support for our CSMs and are open to feedback. Please direct all questions or comments to