TTT 2023 Intake Form

TTT 2023 Intake Form

TTT 2023 Intake Form

Welcome to the 4WDABC Wheeling Wisely’s Train the Trainer program for 2023! We’re excited to add to our roster of educators to help expand this program to members throughout BC!
If you’ve received this link, that means you’ve been accepted to attend TTT at Apex Mountain Resort, Sept. 11-15, 2023.
Now we just need a bit more information for you to make sure we’re set to make this one of the greatest weeks of your life!


Additional Personal Contact Info

Sat Phone/SMS Type, Number, Contact Link, etc. For ZOLEO, please provide assigned number. For InReach, please provide web link.
If applicable.

Emergency Contact

Medical and Dietary

We’re collecting this to ensure your needs can be accommodated; we want to do everything possible to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone taking time out of their lives for this program! All responses will be kept confidential by the Wheeling Wisely Admin Team.
Please list any environmental, food, or medical allergies we should be aware of.
Please list any medical conditions or considerations we should be aware of in case urgent care is required (example: insulin-dependent diabetes).
Please list any special accessibility requirements you may have.


Preference During Training


Are you willing to make your 4×4 available for training purposes?
This may involve not only you driving your rig, but also the instructors and perhaps other participants.

Arrival and Departure

Classes start bright and early on Monday, Sept. 11, and will run a full day on Friday, Sept. 15. We strongly recommend planning to arrive at least a day prior (Sunday, Sept. 10) to get settled in and have a good sleep, and not leaving until you’re well-rested the morning of Saturday, Sept. 16. If you choose to arrive even earlier or leave later, get in some local wheeling, and indulge in the camraderie, that’s even better! Please complete the last sections here so we can make sure everything is covered.