Below are the nominees and appointees for the available Board of Director positions. If you have any questions for the candidates, you may submit them in the Comments section at the bottom.

We realize that with only one nominee in each category, the position is won by acclamation; however, there is still a process we must follow per our bylaws.

Voting will be held by emailed ballot starting Sunday, March 12 through midnight Thursday, March 16.

Results will be announced at the AGM on Saturday, March 18. 

Vice President

Nominee for Vice President: Cameron Colquhoun

I would like to nominate myself (Cameron Colquhoun) for the role of Vice President.  

My intentions:

-Since I’ve been getting more involved with the association I feel like this is my next step to continue to help the association to grow and succeed.
-I would like to work with other 4wd clubs in the province to help all of us wheelers keep our backcountry open.  
-I’d also like to continue to heading up some of the maintenance projects at our lower mainland rec sites.

My bio:

Hello fellow wheelers! My name is Cameron. Most probably know me as the guy with the blue Tacoma and my sidekick Chester!  I have been a member of the association since 2017. During that time I have steadily been getting more involved and in 2020 I became a regional representative. I’ve helped on many newbie runs, cleanups, maintenance events and other 4wdabc events over the last few years.  

Cameron Colquhoun

Under our new bylaws, the position of Treasurer is now appointed by the Board of Directors

Appointee: Brian Burgess:

Hello Nominations Committee!!

Kris suggest I put my name forward to the position of Treasurer.  I have been assisting the Association with a few matters over the last couple of years and am interested in serving in the role.

If you wish to see more information, such as current resume, please let me know.


Brian Burgess


Director of Regions

Nominee for Director of Regions: Jason Belanger

Hello members, I have been the Director of Regions for the Four Wheel Drive Association since 2017. In
that time, we have grown from a mere 500 members to 4000 members. Amazing growth. As Director
of Regions, it has been my role to recognize people in our membership base that excel in promoting
what we do and make them Regional Representatives. We have greatly grown in our Region
Representative base. We now have so many amazing and hard-working Regional Representatives.
We have also grown in the number of Rec Sites that we now have under contract and many more about
to come. I love this association and want to continue with another term to keep growing our footprint
around the beautiful Province of British Columbia! I want to continue adding Rec sites in all regions
in the province.

In the next two years, I already have plans in motion to add three to seven more rec sites on Northern
Vancouver Island, and hopefully, add three more sites in the Okanagan / Thompson Nicola Regions. This
is just the start of where I think I can lead.

My family and I have just moved up to the North Okanagan, meaning that you have representation up in
this area now. I feel it’s essential to have representation in other Regions in British Columbia
besides the Lower Mainland. If elected, I will continue to increase more events, clean-ups, coffee meets,
etc, in our area as well as deliver more off-road training.

Please allow me another term by voting for me for Director of Regions for the Four Wheel Drive.
Association of British Columbia, where I will continue working for you daily!

Membership Director

No candidate has put forward their name for this position. The Board will consider possible appointees following the AGM.

Merchandise Director

Nominee for Merchandise Director: Mary Austin

Hello , this notification of my desire to run for the position of Merchandise Director.

Hello , my name is Mary Austin, and I’m interested in running for the position of Merchandise Director.
I’ve been a member of the 4WDABC, since 2018. Since joining the 4WDABC , I’ve had a wonderful time taking part in newbie runs , going from being a newbie, to spotting others down to Hale Creek. I really enjoy taking part in maintenance weekends, flipping burgers at the toy drives , and helping at trade shows . You may know me from the 4WDABC Blood Drives . I’m the one harassing you to join up and donate. For a few months last spring, I covered memberships, while the director was on a leave of absence.
Starting shortly before Christmas, I began looking after the Merchandise Director role, after Jeff Courtney stepped down, and the Board appointed me to the role. I’ve really enjoyed covering the position. Gathered the merch together, inventoried all the items, organized the storage facility, and began fulfilling the backlog of orders. I’ve packed up a bunch of merch and sent it north for events up there , with very capable Leah McQueen in charge . There are plans to attend other shows throughout BC , to give everyone an opportunity to grab some stuff.
I’ve really enjoyed the role , so much fun meeting you all, and seeing you smile when you pick up your new merch . I have a bunch of great ideas for new items, and hope you give me the opportunity to serve you, as Merchandise Director.
              Mary Austin
Communications Director

Nominee for Communications Director: Matt Ion

Hello Nominations Committee! Please consider this my official statement of intention to run for re-election to the position of Communications Director.

I’m coming up blank for a bio, I think everyone knows me by now – been wheeling 10 years, working with computers for 40 years, and online for the past 36 years.
Over the past term, I’ve overseen the move to a new website and membership system that will allow us greater flexibility moving forward, including a fully integrated online store (no more separate accounts!), an improved newsletter system that will allow more regular mailouts, and an eye toward greater automation of things like issuing keys.
While Backroader publication has seen a number of challenges, I’ve also spearheaded the production of a very popular calendar the past two years, featuring member-submitted photos.
Finally, I’ve continued to expand our Facebook moderation team and grown other social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, recruiting members to jump in and assist by providing and curating content.
I’m eager to continue in this role to complete the various projects we have in motion to provide better service and communication for all our members.
Director at Large

Nominee for Director at Large: Brian Pratt

My name is Brian Pratt, and I’m running for Director at Large for the 4WDABC.

I have held the position since June of 2021. As Director at Large, this past year has been busy with retiring, moving to Enderby, going on an epic 10000 km trip south along the Continental Divide, and the Camino del Diablo, thousands of kilometres through BC attending work parties, including those at the Lavina Fire Tower, Boulder Lake and ­­­­­­Windfall Creek near Chetwynd, Francis Lake, scouting potential rec sites for the Association and as a Master Tread Trainer with TreadLightly, liaising with other environmental groups, the Watershed Watch Society and a number of Invasive Species councils and local outdoor groups around British Columbia.

It is my intention to continue to represent the Association as best as I can, working with other groups to keep access to public lands and highlighting the principles of TreadLightly. This year will be an exciting year, my first full season in the North Okanagan. I’m looking forward to more TreadLightly courses, Association-sponsored work parties to improve our rec sites, the establishment of more rec sites and meeting more local members.

Hope to see Y’all out there!



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