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 More importantly, your membership gives  us the means to make the things we do happen, including:

  • Building and upkeep of the Hale Creek shelter
  • Rebuilding/repair and maintenance of the Nahatlatch, Cornwall, and Mount Lavina fire towers
  • Maintaining 22 Rec Sites in BC so that avid off-roaders can use them free of charge
  • Holding cleanups at various public locations in BC, taking out hundreds of tons of garbage over the past few years.
  • Hosting 20+ maintenance runs a year
  • Development of the Stave Lake Training Area in Mission, Lac du Bois ORV park in Kamloops, and Thunder Mountain ORV Park in Kelowna
  • Hosting runs to take out Burn Survivors and Big Brothers & Sisters for the day
  • Eagle Ridge Key Access and Norrish Creek Code Access Programs
  • And most of all, help ensure Public Access to Public Land


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