It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia can officially announce the opportunity for members to apply for the second round of our Train the Trainer off-road training program being held this coming September 10th-16th at Apex Mountain, British Columbia, featuring qualified instructors from our current Wheeling Wisely training team. 

IMPORTANT: Please read the following thoroughly before completing the application form at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to provide copies of your resumé, current first-aid certificate and driver’s abstract; please have these documents ready to upload. The cost per member taking this Train the Trainer program is $1000, with a $500 deposit to be included with your application and the remaining $500 upon acceptance. These fees are refundable should you not be able to attend or if you are not selected. After completing the program, you will later have the opportunity to earn the full amount back as you deliver courses to members.

About Train The Trainer

This 5-day program is designed specifically for experienced off-roaders with knowledge, skills and abilities in off-road driving concepts and recovery. This is not a beginner program; you can expect to be challenged with both practical and theoretical instruction and scenarios. Half of the purpose is to solidify and expand your off-road knowledge and skills; the other half is to give you the proficiency and confidence to impart that knowledge to others in a structured, consistent manner. All those who complete the course will become members of the Wheeling Wisely Training Team and be qualified to deliver the Wheeling Wisely curriculum to our members.

The goal of this training program is to have up to 20 individuals with a strong foundation in off-road skills and knowledge which the 4WDABC can work with in the future to develop and teach an assortment of training courses to our wider membership. These trained individuals will be vital in expanding our Education portfolio and bringing more significant opportunities to our entire membership to receive the training they need to be competent, wise, and safe off-road enthusiasts. Given that BC covers a huge area, we encourage those from all regions of the province to apply as we aspire to deliver our educational offerings province-wide.

About This Application

In the following application form, we ask for information regarding experience, work history and teaching/training experience because we sincerely hope all participants will work with our Association to develop future training programs and, as such, need to know those individuals cannot only learn materials but have the skills to teach other individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. If you are unsure about your teaching/training experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and start a conversation with our Directors. Regarding first aid training, this is a requirement issued to us by our host trainers and is required for the course. If you currently do not have your first aid but can get such credentials before the course start date, please send us an email and let us know the situation.

If you find this course exciting but are unable to apply at this time, perhaps you would be interested further down the line – send your feedback to so that we can work together to create an outstanding training program with an international reputation!


All questions and comments can be directed to

All application materials (including refundable deposit) should be sent to

In Conclusion…

…this training program will be an incredible opportunity for our members to receive high-quality training and work closely with passionate individuals focused on improving overall safety in outdoor recreation. Of course, there are application requirements, as there must be in any selection process, but our Board of Directors is here to help guide our membership and provide opportunities. Thus, if we can help someone passionate, capable and interested in pursuing safety opportunities to expand that further, we are enthusiastic about looking at avenues to do so. Again, please start the conversation and reach out with any questions, comments or clarifications. 

We look forward to the opportunities advanced training will bring to our members and are excited to work with those individuals who are passionate about doing so! 

This opportunity is available to all 4WDABC members in good standing – if you see the message “You do not have permission to view this form,” please ensure you’re logged in with your active membership account.

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