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CBC Radio One: On The Coast: Jones Lake, Backcountry Stewardship, and What We Do

(Originally posted July 28, 2020)

A recent Reddit post by a member led a producer for CBC’s On The Coast to contact the 4WDABC for a chat with host Gloria Macarenko.

JoyTV: Fraser Focus: 4×4 Off Roading BC

‘This back country sport is a privilege, not a right’ – The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC advocates for public access to public lands and promotes safe and responsible off-roading. Videographer Dean Atwal drives on to learn more…

JoyTV: Fraser Focus: Wheeling Wisely

With more British Columbians looking for vacations closer to home, there has been a surge in backcountry automotive adventures. The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC is offering up the do’s and don’ts of off-roading in Beautiful British Columbia…

CBC Radio One Prince George: Daybreak North: Wheeling Wisely with Leah McQueen

Leah’s segment starts at exactly the 7:00 minute mark.